About Jonathan Tower

tower9024webreadyJonathan Tower is a Managing Director at TriplePoint Capital where he focuses on investment opportunities at all stages, with a particular emphasis on Software, Services and Consumer Internet companies. Jonathan has led the firm’s investments in Jet, Dollar Shave Club (acquired by Unilever), MapR Technologies, Madison Reed, Primary Data, Philo, Everfave, Kanler, BetterFinance, InsideView and IfOnly. Since 2005, TriplePoint has deployed more than $3.0 Billion across 200+companies.

Jonathan began his career in venture capital in 2001.

Previously, as an operating executive, he has served as founding CEO at two successful software companies. Earlier in his career, Jonathan was a technology M&A investment banker in the San Francisco Bay Area focusing on Internet and Software transactions. He has also had tenures as a management consultant with Accenture and Braxton Associates, where he worked with Fortune 100 companies in strategic planning, enterprise software systems development, and on mergers and acquisitions.

Jonathan holds a dual MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School, and an undergraduate degree from The University of California at Berkeley.

Jonathan appears regularly as a panelist at venture capital and technology industry conferences, and he has contributed to The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, San Jose Mercury News, Forbes, CNBC, Fortune, Private Equity Hub (peHUB) and other leading publications.

Jonathan lives in San Francisco. When he is not accumulating frequent flier miles looking for the next generation of great technology companies, he can often be found mountain biking in Marin County, surfing in Santa Cruz, or racing vintage sportscars at Infineon, Laguna Seca and other renowned west coast road circuits. Jonathan believes the rumor that there hangs a plaque on the wall of Mastercard’s corporate headquarters in upstate New York commemorating the day he took up racing.

Email Jonathan Tower:  jtower09(at)gmail(dot)com

Follow Jonathan on Twitter: @jonathan_tower


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