Casual Car Friday

2 May

This is firmly in the Only-In-Silicon-Valley column and is strictly meant to be all in fun: A reporter at a well-recognized periodical called me recently to remark on the odd and disproportionate appearance of exotic and super luxury automobiles on Fridays in the Valley — particularly on and around Sand Hill Road. She wanted my venture perspective on it all. I told her I’d need to do some more in-depth research to get to the bottom of things. And, while I was on the subject would her newspaper push through a requisition order for a lease on a Ferrari 599, preferably Rosso Corso with Tan interior, so that I might better be able to infiltrate the herd unnoticed. The phone went dead. 

Seriously though, in what some folks are saying (tongue firmly in cheek) is a new rite of Spring in the tech world, the highways and byways of Silicon Valley seem bumper to bumper with sleek Italian and German machines on Fridays…and, typically, only on Fridays. What do fast-rising venture capitalists, successful entrepreneurs and senior tech executives drive to work Mondays through Thursdays, you ask? Toyota Priuses, Hybrid Ford Escapes and other fairly nondescript, often eco-friendly, econoboxes.

So, on this lazy and balmy spring afternoon, as you nip out of the office for that critical 3pm coffee reboot, scan the parking lot. If you are seeing more Rosso Corsa than red, more Exeter Blue than Blue, and more Titanium than Grey, you’ve got a Casual Car Friday office. Spring is definitely here. Pass the margaritas. Gran Centenario Anejo, rocks, no salt.


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