Data on the MicroHoo personnel exodus

8 Feb

It seems everyone has an opinion on the Microsoft/Yahoo drama. M&A hasn’t been this edge-of-your-Aeron-chair climactic since AOL/Time Warner. In comparison, it makes the ’08 presidential race look about as exciting as a conference of dental hygienists.

One interesting effect has been some of the secondary concerns, fallouts, and ramifications of this potentially historic combination — what does it mean for venture-backed M&A? what will Google do? what impact will it have on Valley real estate prices? can Miller Lite taste great and be less filling? Indeed, questions for the ages. But, I digress…

A particularly intriguing thought has been that of the impact of an impending exodus of Microsoft and Yahoo personnel in the event this marriage is consummated, posited by First Round Capital’s Josh Kopelman. His well-reasoned argument and supporting data are well worth considering and can be found here.


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